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Learning Support at Robert Townson High School

Learning & Support Teachers

Alice McKenzie


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Student learning Support Officers

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Katrina Rankin


Jo McManus


Careers Advisors

Michael Johnson


Other Advisors

EAL/D Coordinators

Andrea Orlandini


Beck Tierney


Supervisor of Girls

Sara Priestley


Year 6 Transitions Advisor

Alice McKenzie



 Learning and Wellbeing at Robert Townson High School

Robert Townson High School, believes that student wellbeing encompasses everything that the school community does to meet the personal, social and learning needs of students and to enhance their safety and wellbeing. We are committed to creating quality learning opportunities for children and young people. This includes strengthening their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development to connectsucceed and thrive at each stage of their development and learning.

The Welfare Team includes the Head Teacher Learning and Wellbeing, Year Advisors, Learning and Support (LAS) teachers, Student Learning Support Officers (SLSO and SSO) and School Counsellors.


HEAD TEACHER LEARNING AND WELLBEING – is available for students and parents to discuss matters of student wellbeing including special and additional needs, medical, Out of Home Care, Transition and the overall coordination of welfare programs.

YEAR ADVISORS – There is a Year Advisor for every academic year in the school. The Year Advisor is the point of contact for parents and students on all welfare related issues relating to students in their relevant year

LEARNING SUPPORT TEACHERS – have a role to improve outcomes for students with additional learning and support needs. This includes working collaboratively with classroom teachers, students to plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate teaching programs, personalised learning plans and assist students with additional learning and support needs.

THE SCHOOL COUNSELLOR – is a key member of the welfare team. The School Counsellor is avaliable to make appointments with students who need help to cope with any personal problems. Parents with concerns are also welcome to telephone to make an appointment.


School learning support officers, under the supervision and direction of a teacher, assist in classroom activities, school routines, and the care and management of students with special and additional needs.  

2021 Wellbeing Overview (MS Word Doc)

Anti-Bullying plan detailed 2019 (PDF)

Anti-Bullying policy 2024 (PDF)

Student Welfare Policy (PDF)

Updated Policies Coming Soon