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HSC Minimum Standards

A minimum standard of literacy and numeracy is required for students to receive their Higher School Certificate (HSC). Meeting the HSC minimum standard will mean that your child has the literacy and numeracy skills that are essential for success in learning and life after school.

Students in Years 9 & 10 will attend a Minimum Standards lesson once a fortnight. This will be delivered by two teachers and a student learning support officer so that students are able to receive individual assistance when required. The program is delivered in an online format that has been designed by the staff at Robert Townson High School to specifically meet the needs of our students.


All students from Year 10 will need to show that they have met the HSC minimum standard by passing minimum standard online tests. Students master basic skills at different stages so there are multiple opportunities available to pass the tests, from Year 10 up to three years after Year 12.

There are three 45-minute online tests:

 a multiple choice reading test

a multiple choice numeracy test

a short writing test based on a choice between a visual or written prompt

Testing periods are offered each term for eligible students in years 10,11 and 12. Students may sit each test twice in each calendar year.

What to expect

To help your child understand what to expect in the online tests, they are encouraged to visit:


Students with Disabilities

Some students with disabilities will be eligible for extra provisions for the minimum standard online tests, or an exemption from the HSC minimum standard requirement.

The Wellbeing team and learning support staff will determine whether students are eligible for provisions.