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Our Approach

The HIU is a total communication unit (using Sign Language and English) fostering independence and enabling students to achieve their full potential. A variety of communication techniques are used to ensure the Deaf and hard of hearing students are able to communicate effectively in social, educational and vocational settings. The use of Sign Language is integral to the support unit.

We have a flexible program that is able to offer specialised unit classes as well as supported integration into the mainstream school. We utilise innovative techniques and technologies to assist students to achieve their educational outcomes in their individual programs. Students participate in all aspects of school life at Robert Townson High School.

As well as the usual lessons and activities provided by the school, the HIU offers many unique opportunities for students to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge in various aspects of school, community and work life.

These opportunities include:

  • Work experience within the school, at the school’s very own café, managed and staffed by students.
  • Work experience in the community, with support from school staff.
  •  Travel training, so that students can travel independently by public transport.
  • Participation in the annual Deaf Camp, organised by DoE and sponsored by the Lions Club.
  • Excursions to community venues and activities, specifically designed to develop communication and social skills, financial skills, confidence and independence.
  •  Performing in dancing and sign singing events such as School Spectacular and Shining Stars.
  • And many more!