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Term Three New Reads p. 2


DK Eyewitness - Aztec




Step back in time to see the great civilisations that thrived in Mexico and Central and South America for centuries, leaving a legacy of mystery and wonder.












DK Eyewitness - Ancient Egypt




Witness the unbelievable wealth of a pharaoh's court and admire everything Egyptian - from amazing jewels and tools to everlasting mummies.











DK Eyewiness - Computer




Delve into everything digital and discover computers ranging from ancient Greek star-finding calculators to 21st- century robots with artificial intelligence.










anc rome

DK Eyewitness - Ancient Rome




Enter the arena of one of history's greatest civilisations - from its vast empires to its merciless gladiatorial fights.











DK Eyewitness - Mythology




Uncover the magical powers and amazing adventures of gods, heroes, and beasts in captivating stories from around the world.