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The People of China



About 92 percent of China's 1.35 billion people come from the same ethnic group, the Han, who have dominated Chinese culture for more than 2,000 years.  Nevertheless, China is be no means a homogeneous nation.  In fact, China's government officially recognises 55 ethnic minority, and at times their integration into Chinese society has presented difficult challenges for Beijing.

The People of China presents an in-depth look at the biggest ethnic groups in the world's most populous country.






The History of Modern China



China, whose recorded history extends back several thousand years, was once the most advanced civilisation on earth.  But after centuries of self-imposed isolation, the so-called Middle Kingdom found itself lagging behind the world's industrialised countries.  

The History of Modern China offers a comprehensive account of China's historical evolution from a prosperous empire to a semi-colonial nation and finally to an independent Communist state. 




gov china

The Government of China



Since its founding in 1949, the People's Republic of China has been a one-party state in which the Chinese Communist Party holds a monopoly of political power.  Many Western students are un familiar with   the structures, institutions, and ideologies by which the Party exercises this power.  The Government of China  examines those issues in depth.  It also details the historical development of China's Communist government and explores recent trends, including signs that a more responsive, open system may be developing.




famous people

Famous People of China



Over the centuries, Chinese civilisation has produced many important inventions and innovations, including paper, printing, porcelain, the magnetic compass, and gunpowder.  Similarly, China has produced a host of exceptional and accomplished individuals in all fields of human endeavor.









Ancient History of China



China is one of the world's oldest uninterrupted civilisations, and the essential culture and identity of the Chinese people - the Chinese Way- was formed more than 2,000 years ago.  This book looks at the development of the Chinese civilisation from Neolithic times to the 20th century.