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Term Four New Reads p. 1

New Non Fiction

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New titles from Issues in Society.  Excellent for Society and Culture PIPS.


album covers 

The Art of the Album Cover- Richard Evans


Celebrates seven decades of sleeve design from the early covers of Alex Steinweiss in the 1940's, through to the Cool Jazz of the Fifties, the Pop and psychedelic revolution of the Sixties, the golden age of the album cover in the Seventies, the New Wave of the Eighties, the Britpop and Grunge years of the Nineties, and the iPod generation.

A feast of iconic design for anyone with a love of art, music and popular culture.






Wabi Sabi - Mark Reibstein


Wabi Sabi, a little cat in Kyoto, Japan, has never thought about her name, until friends visiting from another land ask what it means.

The curious Wabi Sabi then sets out on adventure to discover the true meaning of her name.













200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills - Valerie Colston


Discover the artist within and unleash your creative abilities with this inspirational course in the visual arts.

Packed with challenging tutorials, practical projects and tips from professional artists, this book helps you discover different approaches to art and learn how to develop your own style.











Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses


A comprehensive review of myths, legends, gods and goddesses in the Mesopotamian world.













food art 

1000 Food Art and Styling Ideas - Ari Bendersky


Showcases one thousand images of food from around the world which capture the essence of beautiful food.