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Year 10 Work Experience Program


This is the perfect opportunity for a student that has identified with a particular career path to gain insight and experience in that industry. Robert Townson will always support multiple quality work experience programs for any suitably motivated student. This is because they dramatically increase their chances of being in employment, education or training soon after leaving school.


With the year 10 program, it has been noted that the keenest students start approaching employers and begin getting their application sorted within days of them being handed out. A number of organisations like the Department of Defence, Sydney Trains, Taronga Zoo, Campbelltown Council, NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Police and the South West Area Health Service, offer specialised work experience programs which are extremely popular. Each of these has their own separate application and opportunities are often limited.


It cannot be stressed enough that students who make the effort to be placed in a vocational area they are attracted to, will usually gain a good understanding of the industry and thus find themselves in a position to fine tune their careers aspirations.  Even those who find that their career choice was not what they expected are positioned well. These students usually direct their attention to another area and make sound decisions accordingly.

Webb Neggo - Year 10 Work Experience


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