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Term Two NEW Reads p. 3


Fashion : The first fifty years


The Australian Woman's Weekly is an Australian institution.  It was established in 1933 to give women their own publication beyond the traditional 'woman's sections' in newspapers.  Current affairs and news have always been part of it's editorial mix, juxtaposed with articles on clothes, make-up and style.  Yet the fashion pages of the magazine also encapsulate  wider trends, reflecting the changing status of women over its 80-year history: from the practical wartime styles which gave women a new freedom, to the overtly feminised designs of the conservative 1950's, to the miniskirts of the sexually liberated 1960's..






Bacon - Luigi Ficacci


" I would like my pictures to as if a human had passed between them, like a snail, leaving a trail of the human presence and memory trace of past events, as the snail leaves it's slime." - Francis Bacon          

Perhaps no artist of the 20th century expressed in painting the tragedy of existence more realistically than Francis Bacon.Type your paragraph here... Focus on one idea per paragraph and use an active voice e.g. The library is now open every lunchtime. Don't include every piece of information on the subject you are writing about - only use information that is central to the topic. On the Web, less is more.





Ben Quilty - Lisa Slade


This book was published to coincide with the first exhibition to survey Ben Quilty's work at the University of Queensland..










Civil rights

Who Marched for Civil Rights -

 Richard Spilsbury



This book tells the stories of the thousands of people who marched in campaigns for civil rights for African Americans in the 1960's.  It shows how we know  about the marchers and their experieces from primary and other sources.  It included information on some historical detective work that has taken place, which has enabled historians to piece together the fascinating story of the civil rights marches.









Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Health


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples live about 10 years less than non- indigenous Australians.  Since 2006, the 'closing the gap' campaign has been pursued in collaboration between government, health, welfare and rights agencies to try and close the health and life expectancy gap within a generation. 

This book evaluates the progress made towards closing the gap.