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Uniform Policies

Out of Uniform Policy

Statement of Purpose

In consultation with the school community, RTHS continues to value and expect the wearing of correct school and sport uniform. We believe that wearing the school uniform promotes a sense of belonging for students and creates a positive identity for the school community. School uniform also contributes to the personal safety of students by allowing easier recognition of students inside the school and community.


The wearing of school uniform is compulsory and a whole school responsibility.

Students have the responsibility to wear the correct uniform and will be excluded from school activities if their clothing

  1. Compromises agreed upon school community standards
  2. Is considered damaging to the image of the school
  3. Compromises the health and safety of the student, other students or wider school community

(Please note: No student will be excluded from an event prior to being offered a replacement uniform to support them being included in school and community events)

Staff have the responsibility to monitor student uniform and report potential and actual, health and safety and welfare hazards to the senior executive by following internal school procedures and strategies to ensure the correct school uniform and sport uniform are worn by students. Please note: The school sports tracksuit pants are only able to be worn on Sport Days and changed into during PE lessons.

The Principal has a responsibility to ensure that the school’s Uniform Procedures is implemented after consultation with the school community and then advised to staff, students and parents.

Implementation of Procedures

  1. Students out of uniform will be sent to the front office at the start of period 1 and will be issued with at second hand item of the uniform they are missing which is to be worn for the day.
  2. Students will be given a uniform slip which will allow them to come back up to the office 5 minutes before the end of the bell to return the second hand uniform
  3. This incident will be recorded and monitored by the year group's supervising Deputy Principal and Year Adviser.
  4. Students who refuse to change into the school uniform will be withdrawn from classes and the playground for the day. The second occurrence of this will be accompanied with a pre suspension and the third incident of refusal to comply with uniform may unfortunately lead to the student being placed on a short suspension for continued disobedience.

Support and Access

To assist students and families the school has setup a “student assistance scheme” which can be accessed to purchase the school uniform. Our school also has a clothing pool where unused and second hand uniforms can be accessed to ensure all students are in uniform.

NSW Department of Education Uniform Policy​