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Mr Michael Johnson - Careers Adviser


Some children are attracted to a particular vocation at an early primary school age. Others will not identify with an area till much later. A number of developments in high school education have occurred over the last decade, which caters for those students who connect with an occupation. In a nutshell they can develop the foundations of a career between Year 10 and 12 by gaining specific industry training and experience. The programs that are available at Robert Townson High include;

VET - (School Based Vocational Education and Training)

TVET - TAFE Delivered Vocational Education and Training

EVET – External Provider Delivered Vocational Education and Training

SBAT's - School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeship

Industry Based Learning – a HSC course available to SBATs

YES – Youth Engagement Strategy Program – a short program held in conjunction with Tafe

School Work Experience Program

Industry & Community Talks Program

Fast Forward Program – a program held in conjunction with Western Sydney University

University Talks Program

MACE – Macarthur Area Careers Expo

Careers Advisory Service


The role of a school careers advisor is varied but fundamentally they are trained to help students explore issues that relate to future work and education. By doing this a student is in a better position to manage their transition from school to work or a tertiary education.

This is achieved by;

Identifying particular vocational areas that a student likes. This is possible even though the student is unable to suggest a specific area.

Helping students acquire or develop work-related skills. This includes how to search for specific employment opportunities, understanding labour market trends, preparing work applications, and resumes, addressing essential and desirable criteria in advertised positions and appreciating the job interview process. Identifying skills gaps and suggesting relevant training courses is also part of this area.

Liaising with potential employers, further educational institution, training providers, professional bodies, private employers and government departments (open days, Macarthur Area Careers Expo (MACE), specialised workshops, careers markets, Year 10 subject selection, tertiary course selection and visits to WorldSkills Australia.

Information about and help with the applications for pre-apprenticeship/traineeship courses and scholarship applications and student workshops to ensure students take opportunities that relate to their career needs.

Year 10 Work Experience Program


This is the perfect opportunity for a student who has identified with a particular career path to gain insight and experience in that industry. Robert Townson High will always support multiple quality work experience programs for any suitably motivated student. This is because they dramatically increase their chances of being in employment, education or training soon after leaving school. The Careers Adviser co-ordinates this program.

With the Year 10 program, it has been noted that the keenest students start approaching employers and begin getting their application sorted within days of the work experience documentation being issued. A number of organisations like the Department of Defence, Sydney Trains, Taronga Zoo, Campbelltown Council, NSW Fire and Rescue, and the South West Area Health Service, offer specialised work experience programs which are extremely popular. Each of these has their own separate application and opportunities are often limited. If interested in these co-ordinated places – students MUST apply through the Careers Adviser. It is advisable that students send in the applications for these placements as early in the year as possible as places fill quickly.

For placements within the building industry the possession of a white card is mandatory and MUST be carried by the student at all times within the placement. Students receive a white card through the completion of specialised white card courses for students. These courses are available through Robert Townson High as well as local providers. The courses are popular, so places fill quickly and only a limited number of courses are run during the year. Students MAY NOT complete work experience or work placement without having completed a white card course – please note that the completion of an on-line course does not satisfy DET requirements for insurance purposes.

Work Experience and Work Placement Programs.

The Careers Adviser co-ordinates speakers from the universities to speak with senior students which enable the students to make more informed decisions.

Exploring the appropriateness of taking a VET course either at school or outside of school, which are known as EVet and also include TVet. The Careers Adviser co-ordinates RTHS EVET courses.

Mentoring and monitoring students who take on a SBAT, also known as School-based Apprentices and Trainees, during their senior years. These students balance a school program, work and apprenticeship or traineeship training.

Accessing careers material in the Careers Library which is located within the Careers Advisers office.

Preparing students for life after school. For example, the attrition rate for first year university students across all courses is currently around 25%. Many arrive unprepared emotionally, socially. It cannot be stressed enough that students who strongly gravitate towards a particular career are usually incredibly well informed and motivated. These students access reading material about developments in the industry, participating in forums, working or attempting to gain paid, voluntary work or work experiences in that area, as well as networking with people associated within the industry. Careers Advisers are trained and positioned well to mentor these students. 

Work experience at Taronga Park Zoo

It cannot be stressed enough that students who make the effort to be placed in a vocational area they are attracted to, will usually gain a good understanding of the industry and thus find themselves in a position to fine tune their careers aspirations.  Even those who find that their career choice was not what they expected are positioned well. These students usually direct their attention to another area and make sound decisions accordingly.