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The Tudors : Kings, Queens, Scribes ( and ferrets! )


Travel back to Tudor times with Arthur Inkblott, Queen Elizabeth 1's favourite scribe, and his pet ferret, Smudge.  Meet HenryVIII and his six wives, fight the Spanish Armada and sail around the world with Christopher Columbus!  Packed with jokes, colourful illustrations and fascinating facts, this is Marcia Williams at her very best.








Peter Lalor 



Peter Lalor - Allan Drummond


Peter Lalor is famous as the leader of the Eureka Stockade.  Allan Drummond shows us that there is much more to the man who risked his life for democracy and later became a member of parliament.















John Simpson Kirkpatrick - Allan Drummond


John Simpson Kirkpatrick led his donkey up the cliffs and gullies of Anzac Cove collecting wounded and carrying them to the dressing stations at Anzac Cove. Both Simpson and his donkey became part of the legend of Anzac as together they saved the lives of many soldiers in that historic campaign. 















Lachlan Macquarie - Allan Drummond


Lachlan Macquarie was the fifth governor of New South Wales.  He is remembered as a builder and a man of great vision who introduced many reforms in the treatment of convicts in New South Wales.

This is an entertaining and very readable history of the great man.











child convicts 



Child Convicts- Net Brennan


At the age of seven, children on eighteenth century Britain were tried in court like adults.  Some, as young as nine, were transported to the colonies.

Their names may not be familiar, but one of these child convicts would become the first person hanged in Australia, another would be celebrated on our twenty dollar note and a third would count a future prime minister as a descendant.

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